Terms of Use/Service


All the free BGM available on this site is created by Nagumo Rizu.
The term "free BGM" is used as a simpler way to express "royalty-free BGM," and it's important to note that it does not mean "copyright-free."
The format provided for the music is MP3/48kHz/192kbps.
Most of the music is designed to loop, allowing for seamless playback as BGM.

Please note that these terms of use have been translated using a tool and may not guarantee 100% accuracy of the content.
Additionally, making the entire website compatible with English is currently difficult due to technical and cost constraints. Please use your browser's translation function or similar tools for assistance.

Music Usage Terms

1.Purpose and Scope of Music Publication

  1. My music can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects, adult or non-adult content alike.
    However, it cannot be used in projects where the music itself is the main content being published or provided.
    Examples of permissible uses include videos, games, tabletop RPGs, voice dramas, and animations.
    Examples of prohibited uses include music compilation videos and background music for work.
    Exceptions may be made for content primarily focused on introducing, analyzing, or explaining the music.
  2. Creating and posting arrangement works of the music is highly encouraged.

2.About Editing and Modifying Music Data

  1. Editing such as looping, cutting, or tempo changes is allowed as needed, but significantly altering the nature of the music is prohibited.
  2. Converting file formats due to the requirements of the production tools used or for looping is permitted.
  3. Other modifications are generally not allowed, except for adding parts to the original tracks in performance videos.

3.Credit Attribution

  1. I kindly request credit attribution whenever possible. You may use "南雲莉翠", "nagumorizu", or "なぐもりずの音楽室(Nagumorizu's Music Room)" for credit.
  2. In situations where credit attribution is physically difficult, such as using the music at events or as store background music, it is not necessary.
  3. For use on Nico Nico Douga, registering the parent work under can substitute for credit attribution. When using the music on YouTube, I encourage (but do not require) using the mention feature by including "@nagumorizu" to link to the channel.
  4. Attributing the music title is optional.

4.Prohibited Uses

The following uses and methods are prohibited:

  1. Use in productions or content that violates laws or public morals.
  2. Use in content related to political, religious, or other ideological messages.
  3. Registration with copyright management organizations or systems like YouTube Content ID.
  4. Secondary distribution of the music.
  5. Use where end users can easily access and duplicate the audio files, except when a rights notation file (txt) is included due to media specifications (not recommended).
  6. Use with the purpose of distributing or providing the music itself.
  7. Any other use deemed inappropriate by nagumorizu.


  1. The term "free BGM" is used to mean "royalty-free BGM," and it does not imply that the music is copyright-free.
  2. I am not responsible for any damage or trouble arising from the use of the music.
  3. There is no need for individual contact regarding the use of the music. I may not be able to respond to contacts received.
  4. For any inquiries, please contact me, at (nagumorizu@gmail.com).

Fan Creation Guidelines

1.Scope of Guidelines

These guidelines apply to fan creations of the following content ("the Content"):

  1. Music exclusively copyrighted by "Nagumorizu's Music Room" and "nagumorizu."
  2. Characters appearing within "Nagumorizu's Music Room" content.

2.Range of Fan Creations

Within these guidelines, "fan creation activities" refer to activities that add new creativity to the original content, resulting in new copyrighted works ("fan creations"). Simply copying or using the Content does not qualify as a fan creation and is not covered by these guidelines.

Examples of fan creation activities include:

  • Publishing arrangements or remixes of the Content's music.
  • Creating and publishing illustrations of the Content's characters.

Examples not considered fan creation activities include:

  • Using the music as is, adding parts or effects, and publishing it (this also violates the terms of use regarding data modification).

3.Rules for Fan Creations

When engaging in fan creation activities, please adhere to the following requests:

  • Keep activities within the realm of personal hobbies, fan art, or similar non-commercial endeavors. Uses considered commercial or by corporations are generally not permitted.
  • Clearly state that your creation is a fan creation of "Nagumorizu's Music Room."
  • Do not publish creations that:
    • Go against these guidelines, specific rules set separately, or the purpose and spirit of the Content.
    • Significantly damage the image of "Nagumorizu's Music Room" or "Nagumo Rizu."
    • Harm the honor or dignity of others.
    • Contain expressions that violate public order or are antisocial.
    • Include expressions of specific thoughts, ideologies, religious or political messages.
    • Infringe on the rights of third parties.
    • Are deemed inappropriate by Nagumo Rizu.


  1. The contents of these guidelines are subject to change without notice.
  2. Publishing fan creations of the Content signifies agreement to all terms within these guidelines.
  3. "Nagumorizu's Music Room" is not responsible for any issues arising from fan creations.
  4. For commercial or corporate fan activities, please contact us individually.
  5. We do not respond to individual inquiries or reports regarding the guidelines or fan creation activities.
  6. If you have obtained individual permission, please clearly state this when publishing.

Please enjoy your fan creation activities while respecting these guidelines.